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Business Model Generation Framework & Product Design ToolKit

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Full Story of MAREUMMO™ 2.0 ToolKit

MAREUMMO™ 2.0 are Symbol based Framework/ToolKit for quick design or wireframe of your next product or buisness model project. 100 symbols & elements ready for design or hi-fidelity wireframe for any designers or developers out there.

The main goal of this project is to help you - Mareummo users - with creating beautiful landing pages or wireframes within minutes directly in Mareummo with ready to be published code.

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What’s NEW Inside

This package is filled with 50 new canvas it contains 12  features with 3 target segments, 3 value propositions and 3 categories in diverse business models.

50 Canvas for BM & Product

All Canvas divided into 10 most popular mixed categories in 55 Business Model patterns, nicely labeled to be easily copy and pasted from the MAREUMMO symbols panel into your projects.

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Flow Designer

Easily build automated flows for business model generation and product design using flowchart or mindmap style diagrams.

Building block

All Canvas with easy-to-use building block are structured to fit all 5 breakpoints of MAREUMMO™ Designer.

Data Catalog

Building Blocks are embeded with datasets by Industry, Country, Product Category & Features, Technology and market &  interest Keyword.

평가 Tool

MAREUMMO™ 2.0 come with  all possible business model definitions and product features pre-ideationed for you. 제품경쟁력 평가 Tool & 기술평가 Tool

BM Generation Framework & Product R&D ToolKit
Massive Update & New Project is Live

100 symbols/element ready for design or hi-fidelity wireframe for any Flow designers or developer out there.

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유망 제품 & 기술특허 발굴

Clean portfolio for anyone presenting their photos, designs or any other projects.

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Agency page overview focused on team, process explanation and services. MVP고객검증...퍼널 사다리기반

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잠재수요기업 매칭

Landing page for conceptual music app focused on presenting its best features. 글로벌디지털마케팅플랫폼

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It’s clonable and obviously all for FREE